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[Verse 1]
Behold, the whole planet upside down
I put it down
Shuttin' down disco clowns
I get around
This rap games like a sport
Been through two passports
Assed up an airport
Black man still gettin' no support
Comepnsation we ain't seein
Split by Europeans
Damn, treated less than human beings
No matter, Africa, Brazilia, St. Louis or the Carribean
Traveled the seven seas
Rocked many races
Spread the cash clean trash in alot of low places
Seen the look of love on many mad faces
When I rhymed about the times and not the paper chases
People all over the world givin' mad respect
When I identified who the Government wrecked
Plus the sound scan, as the company rep
They don't care they jus about keepin' they checks

Hook}- x4

Round and around and around we go, where the worlds headed, nobody knows

[Verse 2]
Here the crime rhyme created alot of robots
Can a real lyric fix the shit time forgot
Loops got ya brain gettin' locked load up wit words
That never meant alot
And you can't call the cops
And y'all don't really know
And y'all don't hear me though
Takes a nation of big brains to break up that flow
And the game ain't changed
But the heads be rearranged
In danger, my language is rappin' in anger
I be bangin' so I point my finger
While we sleep
Races set us up like sheep
Everytime I go some place
Slaves in my face
Black people, in a plantation state
No control of our soul
And wouldn't know our fate
Now am I wrong to hate, hate
38 countries, 51 states
Now you tell me, who in the world gonna compensate
One hundred million laws
Make a nigga wait
Got bake the green to get food on the plate

[Hood x4]

Mini Chorus Until End}

Anti slave aggression
Stop the world oppression
??? an expression
World Tour Session

Use your own discretion
Teach 'em all a lesson
Have the Governments confessin' World Tour Sessions