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(..1 vs 99.... Never Have So Many Been Screwed By So Few..1 vs 99.... Never Have So Many Been Screwed By So Few)

MOST OF MY HEROES STILL DONT APPEAR ON NO STAMP clearly is a spinoff of one of PUBLIC ENEMYs' most well known lyrics off 1989s' FIGHT THE POWER. It speaks volumes especially in a time where celebrity is the virtual drug of America and its western world.The ultimate whipping of mass distraction.15 minutes is being puppeted by the big brother of technology turning human beings into robotic consumers of culture.It is something i've always revolted against.

From the top to the bottom, in my opinion an album should be an adventure in its making and eventually in the experience of listening even if attention spans have lessened the past 20 years. The delivery of multimedia accompaniment to this album will follow soon in the same vein of the music here, hopefully unexpected and out of left field as they say. MOST OF MY HERES STILL DONT APPEAR ON NO STAMP simply takes the courage of valiant people from various places in the world in time that we've admired over the years and bundles that inspiration into a modern day story of RAP lyrics and music. Too many heroes to name.

Upon starting this project ,the first track I received was immediately called GET UP STAND UP the second I heard it . Sent from long time collaborator GARY G WIZ Rinaldo. As with many GWIZ tracks I first considered it strong enough to be a powerful instrumental introduction to the album and possibly a stage performance entry. Eventually I dug it so much I put lyrics to it. It speaks to the refusal of many folk today to speak up on what they believe and think in the midst of all the BS going on. Much of the songs on these 2 albums repeat key punchlines, something I avoided in the past but i've come to accept that in these distracting scattered times some of these lines should continue to find a way to embed themselves in todays blizzard of everything society. When people ask me what rappers I dig today , I quickly put BROTHER ALI on a short list. A formidable rap hero with a solid catalog of his own his vocals and lyrics are fueled with great passion and conviction. I was asked to intro his 'US' album 2 years ago and I was honored to oblige. I asked him to spit a verse on GET UP , STAND UP, and he responded so quickly with a fireball of his deep consciousness along with his unique vocal delivery upon it.

A technique used on these albums title wise is what I call split titles. MOST OF MY HEROES STILL... is a song which is half of the album title.
The great DJ producer Z TRIP and I have worked together on a few occasions and with the great artist SHEPHARD FAIREY. Its been mutual resPEct with ZTRIP, and on this song PROFESSOR GRIFFs and our lyrics, vocals and point of view project the idea that often many of our heroes are sometimes the foes of some others. The second title part of this album called ....DONT APPEAR ON NO STAMP are done in 4 part interludes musically contributed by David CDOC Snyder and PROFESSOR GRIFF with spoken word parts written and performed by S1W JAMES BOMB.

I SHALL NOT BE MOVED was created by GWIZ and I during an impromptu session recorded deep into the night after recording the song ...EVERYTHING for the second album. MOVED was so much of an enjoyable adventure I didn't even want to take back the unfinished session recording of it on my long 100 mile post session drive home. 3/4 of the way the sonic terrain of it was so crazy , I still haven't heard the final version as of this writing, you probably have by now. It by far is my personal surprise cut of the project. Again completely out of left field recorded in the muse of my new one song at a time philosophy.

SAM SEVER had long been a favorite producer of mine from afar. I followed him going back to this work on DefJam artists like DOWNTOWN SCIENCE and 3RD BASS as well as TRICKY TEE, RUN DMC and others. A hip hop legend a DEFJAMer for life a real New York dude who I name checked on my 1996 solo project AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MISTACHUCK with the song GENERATION WREKKKED, I had yet to work with him. However we connected in the new century via email and Sam sent me tracks in 2006. I told him hold on but we would collab one day for sure. That day came and one of those tracks ended up as the song TRUTH DECAY, which idea I pulled off a billboard in Newark New Jersey. With so much misinformation flying and passed along unchecked in these blizzard times I felt that people need to brush up on their facts especially americans who only view history from their one sided perspective. Anti Immigration talking heads who need to check out the total history before their history.

Much of the collaborations on these albums were return favors of people I reached back out to via email and text. HIPHOPGOD producer of NAS, MAIN SOURCE and so many other RAP classics ,the LARGE PROFESSOR came through with the blazer CATCH THE THROWN which clearly angles my opinion on elitism in these get rich or die trying times. Nothing new I've railed against this attitude forever and a day. Its epitomized in the atmosphere of 'Watching The Throne' which also raised my eyebrows and antennas to create the song blurb NOTICE. While I like artists like
JAYZ and KANYE WEST and consider them giants who are afforded to project their opinion through culture, Its been difficult for me to like and respect their viewpoint in theses times. . I must fight for the balanced art projection of the real side of life as opposed to the fantasy world which most likely cannot be attained by many. With the USA embedded into a recession, blackfolk are mired in a depression.When that depression emerges into america, blacks are pushed into desperation. No place is more evident than the core of glitzy Los Angeles California where the downtown area of SKID ROW is the largest concentration of homeless people in the USA. 85% of them blackfolk. My wife Dr Gaye Theresa Johnson and I work with the LA Community Action Network aka LACAN with their director PETE WHITE who along with hiphop pioneer GENERAL JEFF and others put on the first OPERATION SKID ROW MUSIC FESTIVAL in January 2012 with 30 RAP artists giving their time and living word to the masses of people there. These folks are watching the throne all the damn time in real life, with the throne throwing them out on the streets. Thus the title CATCH THE THROWN means thrown at, thrown under, thrown down and to the side and to the back of america. This track is also blessed by rap god CORMEGA via the LARGE PROFESSOR as we point at the thrones of the NEW WHIRL ODOR and the system of its wild wild west. Added as well as classic throughout zigzag scratch by HIPHOPGOD Xecutioner, the immortal DJ ROB SWIFT!

This collaborative feeling also was met with the person of one FREDDY FOXXX aka BUMPY KNUCKLES who had been sending hot tracks to FLAV and I respectively. We both kicked in on GET IT IN, a simple rhyme volley that we enjoyed doing especially with BUMPY delivering a knockout verse in between. Bumpy has been a longtime exceptional talent, an engineer, producer, rapper, radio host on his Kurupt, radio program , and performer for a longtime. He currently has a few records out ,an album with DJ PREMIER and singles with many others including DJ NUMARK.

Some of the outstanding significant productions here are by both new and reliably consistent creators in our Public Enemy world. DJ JOHNNY JUICE Rosado
who pilots the Terrordome Studios on Strong Island, hosts the AndYouDontStop! radio show on www.rapstation.com and 99.5FM, brings some true school noise to 2012 with the song RLTK featuring Rock Rock and Roll Hall Of Famer DMC.Blessed with the ultimate King Of Rock ,RLTK simply is short text for Real Talk. People who are not afraid to talk the truth or at least say what they truly believe. Play your lane. The hook says ' At tHe Age I am Now If I cant teach I shouldn't even open my mouth to speak'. A marketing person today would cringe at this in a time where folk live through their social media avatars, hide and talk crap without true signature to it . A time where older people dumb and young themselves down for the sake of youth approval. The beat is CLASSIC Roland 808 style old school. A sound they still cant get rid of in the usa dirty south. A beat straight from RUN DMC and the BEASTIE BOYS and thus in full tribute to JAMMASTER JAY and Adam MCA Yauch ...may they Rest in Beats

David CDOC Snyder is a mainstay who has singlehandedly has been the multi tasker behind the scenes in centerfield for PE most of this century. Visuals, Art, Sequencing and Production are his skill set areas and here he steps up to the plate with a very unique breathtaking arrangement for hiphop in the song RUN TILL ITS DARK. In the election year of 2012 there is so much darkness,mystery, and unknown on the position of the highest office of the United States Of America. The dark unknown as in what path lies in front of PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA? If re-elected what will his next 4 years represent? Will he continue to contribute to the NEW WHIRL ODOR or will he switch gears? The USA will keep running away from its dark self racing into more darkness by default.

Speaking of the government HOOVERMUSIC was brilliantly composed by the wonderful production team of the DIVIDED SOULS CHRIS SPANKY MOSS, BRENT DIXON and DJ PAIN ONE. These 3 brothers straight outta Atlanta, Baton Rouge Louisiana and Wisconsin respectively are the next truth in sonic production. They've crafted an aggressive sound that I plan to work with for quite a long some time in the future ahead. Introduced by phone call during HIP HOP HONORS by the great SCARFACE himself, DIVIDED SOULS crafted my anti-border song TEAR DOWN THAT WALL for my DONT RHYME FOR THE SAKE OF RIDDLIN 2010 solo project. HOOVERMUSIC is a song pointing at the shadowy contributors to millennium co intelpro. How many folks in our culture would be making a FBI founding rat like J Edgar Hoover proud if the bastard were alive today? Its now public record that this dude plotted assassinations against DR MARTIN LUTHER KING JR ,MALCOLM X and many of my heroes worldwide. We said this 24 years ago on IT TAKES A NATION OF MILLIONS TO HOLD US BACK on the song PARTY FOR YOUR RIGHT TO FIGHT. The song spoke on the destruction of the BLACK PANTHER PARTY. Yet they named a building after him in Washington D.C. As I witnessed RICK ROSS song with the repeat hook of LARRY HOOVERs name being sung, I also thought these same young people should also know how J Edgar Hoover screwed us as a people. Its hard for me to blame artists, but I attack the radio, media and recording industry for promoting one side of our culture especially hiphop. HOOVERMUSIC declares that this one sided spewing today echoes a new co intelpro through the portal of RAP.The ultimate counter intelligence program. This is A cultural challenge to todays MC over a DIVIDED SOULS composition and scorching guitar solos by baNNed guitarist KHARI WYNN coupled with a wicked break scratch by DJ PAIN 1.

Surprising standouts loom like WTF is a title that could mean Wheres the Flav? as much as What the Fu*k? Yet it's A super logical song done over a Clinton MRPAYBACK Sands musical presentation. A original west coaster studioed up in the ATL now , FLAV clearly orchestrated this records direction.FLAV suggested he wanted a HE GOT GAME vibe put down upon this. I wrote and cut it in CALI while I was surprised he matched the meaningful lyrics I wrote with some powerful words of his own. While I was out of the studio that day, FLAV who has taken some hits from his TV ventures, undoubtably blessed the track with the science and consciousness that media doesn't know him for. The vocals rise up on the beat with a steadiness, and WTF clearly lets many know where his head is at, thats if listeners still have the ability to just listen. I 've always said that FLAVOR FLAV travels the world as a rock star NOT as a TV star. Wheres the Flav? He's in your soul and head if you take time to embrace the song.

The team of SHAMELLO DURANT and SPYDA SLOAN are from the PRODUCERS COALITION OF AMERICA, long time associates from under the BOMB SQUAD original roof of 510 South Franklin Street in Hempstead Strong Island.They have produced and written many CLASSICS over the years most notably BUSTA RHYMES 'Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Cant See' as one example. The song FAME speaks of the roller coaster ride of fame coasting rhymes on a rolling track. Selected and navigated by FLAV,we give 2 different points of view on what fame really is and what it can do. Sparked from a real conversation we had, we differed greatly about the topic. We decided to rhyme our polar opposite opinions and create the song. FLAV thinks fame is real, I consider it fake. We rhyme down the middle of it to agree to disagree and meet somewhere in between. FLAVOR FLAVs' lyrical workout and relief is warranted, and he gives great effort the best studio effort from FLAV in 20 years since APOCALYPSE 91 THE ENEMY STRIKES BLACK in my opinion.

. Many of the songs of these sessions evolved from actual conversations ending up formed into lyrical and vocal ideas. In PUBLIC ENEMYs 25TH YEAR the process of these songs coming together was formed by a mindset that has reflected our Roosevelt Long Island roots and background diversity. We are not clones nor drones , but we are cut from a multi complex cultural cloth of creativity, artistic output and opinion. The plan of SPITdigital is to create opportunity for many and getting together to drop one song at a time be it with the original BOMB SQUAD members, TERMINATOR X, and allies and peers who we've been looking to musically connect with for years. The Sky is the limit. Thus for now we salute our heroes past, present with this album of spirit, while continuing to pave the path for many others to move forward .Future heroes definitely needed to bring the light against and protect the masses from the EVIL EMPIRE OF EVERYTHING....( to be continued)