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My long time friend and and associate,PUBLIC ENEMY forever guerilla publicist HARRY ALLEN and I were coming up upon Times Square area in New York City from down under the subway February 15th 2011. I hadn't been midtown in a minute and I was unexpectedly struck by the blizzard of super advertising moving at me in a assault of lights, noise, and movement by the proximity of the 50th street area.
Jokingly the phrase 'THE EVIL EMPIRE OF EVERYTHING' just tumbled out of my mouth.When it happened I asked Harry the HipHop Activist and Media Assassin to write it down for me. I told him it was a future title for something I just needed time for life itself to fit it. Thats how I work.

THE EVIL EMPIRE OF EVERYTHING can mean how this planet has shrunken into a wild hyper marketed wired sphere.The Planet Earth and all in it seems branded for human consumption. This album is NOT left over songs from the MOST OF MY HEROES STILL DONT APPEAR ON NO STAMPS sessions, rather said much of this album was blueprinted before STAMPS it just didnt have a title yet nor much lyrics. The album actually started when we began playing with the legendary David DAVY DMX Reeves. Former baNNed leader and bassist BRYAN HARDGROOVE reached out DAVY to replace him as he then moved on to work with BOOTSY COLLINS. The transition was seamless thanks to them both and KHARI WYNN. DAVY wanted me to put a vocal to a song he was recording called 'I Remember Hip Hop' ..DAVY was just getting acclimated to the digital record space as his place of work was now North Carolina and Atlanta. His resume wreaks of hip hop royalty. DJ and producer of KURTIS BLOW, producer of classics by the FATBOYS, many of the RUSH artists in the early mid 1980s. Creator of his own RAP classic the instrumental ONE FOR THE TREBLE smash , his album in 1986 and his production of RUN DMCs RUNS HOUSE in the great golden year of 1988.

I told DAVY we could make 2 versions of the song he was working on create them coming out of the same track. He agreed it would be interesting. It would be a part two of a song i'd sketched out with DJ JOHNNY JUICE Rosado called 1( PEace), a song stating that we human beings have only 1 planet period. WE need to understand that the technology of warfare and greed has led human beings to praise machines for the sake and expense of the human race. is as much binary code as a funky beat return count. DAVYs track now was called 2(resPEct) and it started of with his beat box brother TOMMY T counting off 1,2 making it a perfect part 2 for the JUICE track which by the way is supplemented by an official legal use of the master funky drummer himself Mr CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD whose box set is ladedn with beats played to be used in production. This is also why CLYDE STUBBLEFIELD is credoted .Yes royalties due for the great funky drummer for the JAMES BROWN Band. . Together the songs are 1, 2 as in PEace and resPEct aka PE , Planet Earth.

The album starts of gloriously and triumphantly with an intro called THE EVIL EMPIRE OF... Created by the DIVIDED SOULS team of BRENT DIXON, Chris SPANKY Moss , and DJ PAIN 1, I foresaw the entire Public Enemy group coming out on stage on this joint during out performances . I just had to lay a verse that opened the record and good enough to open a show with. I recorded it in Atlanta at the SLAMjamz South studio with Andrea TRINITI COCLOUGH engineering with the great skill he posesses. At the end of the song we let it be known that injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere by saying R.I.P TRAYVON MARTIN the young man from Sanford Florida,who was shot and killed wrongfully by a hate filled security guard.

The case of Trayvon Martin takes on bigger dialogue on the song BEYOND TRAYVON. dealt with lyrically and artistically by introducing a new group of emcees called NME SUN, a group made up of the sons of PUBLIC ENEMY members PROFESSOR GRIFF, BROTHER JAMES NORMAN, AND ANDREW WILLIAMS. Speaking direct and spitting into the eye of stereotyping and racism upon young black males and people of color, who better to address this? It is time. BEYOND TRAYVON speaks on the issue of what now? We all must start paying attention to all that surrounds the community. The debut of these members on a PROFESSOR GRIFF track previously called SPIT YOUR MIND answers the call. Griff and I open and close the song. Expect the NME SUN with their own debut album in the fall on ENEMY RECORDS digitally distributed on SPITdigital.

Still SPIT YOUR MIND still was a viable title for a song on this album. It was then adapted to 4 spoken word piece interludes across the album by S1W JAMES BOMB, produced again by PROFESSOR GRIFF and David CDOC Snyder. JAMES BOMB took full advantage of recording his spoken word into his brand new iphone vocal APP. Yes the studio is now wherever, whenever. Be on technology instead of it being on top of you, says PRINCE the greatest artist of our time with STEVIE WONDER.

DAVID CDOC SNYDER again scorched another song to remember for years, because it speaks volumes to what is happening right now. ICEBREAKER targets Immigration Customs Enforcement of the United States with a panoramic multi MC sonic presentation. The border between the USA and Mexico especially is an issue to rap about. A host of MCs here including myself, PROFESSOR GRIFF, THE IMPOSSEBULLS, KYLE JASON, Mexican spitter SEKRETO, AND TRUE MATHEMATICS as border patrol SGT HAWKES.(whose appearances as the brutal black cop on past PE records returning.SGT HAWKES appeared on 1991s GET THE FK OUTTA DODGE and TERMINATOR Xs BACK TO THE SCENE OF THE BASS).On this record SGT HAWKES is elevated to border patrol SGT with his RAP dialogue representing an elite racist who foolishly believes theres a big american difference between black and brown people. ICEBREAKER also raps on the idiocy of border patrol and control politics. My travels into central and south america also discover that other governments there have adopted the same anti immigrant policies as the USA to their own neighboring countries. It's stupid because there is 1 planet and 1 people. We say theres enough room for everybody.

Two songs I will explain here that fully combine PUBLIC ENEMYs vocal performance and studio magic of GARY G WIZ Rinaldo. ....EVERYTHING was cut deep into the night over 2 glasses of wine. Since I don't drink and GARY rarely does, this is a big deal here. ...EVERYTHING is a careful accounting of life itself. In this day and time where celebrity is the virtual new drug of america where humans praise the industrialized result of mere things, this song confronts to disease of consumption in lieu of replacing hollowness in life.People today tend and have been programmed to dwell on the things they dont have.Many are miserable without the things marketed and dangled in front of their lives. RAP has reflected this malady in a terrible way smacking the last 2 USA generations hard in the head. In my opinion the ultimate gift from the higher realm is the present. An appropriate term. The past while it is important is just a thought if we cannot apply it correctly and we are not promised the future. Again this is a reminder we should be thankful for good health if we have it of body and mind. If your'e family and friends are healthy in mind, body and soul well It's EVERYTHING. You can possess every 'thing' and realize that it is 'nothing' at all. This is in the wake of losing 2 great men in the RAP game as of this writing HEAVY D and Adam MCA Yauch.

The music itself was inspired by OTIS REDDINGs' A LOVERS TALE .Since OTIS had been a overnight HIPHOP sensation sampled by JAYZ and KANYE on Watch The Throne, I wanted to really delve deep into the OTIS psyche imagining if he were alive today how he would actually rap. What would he sound like? How would he bring it? The music itself a different timed 3/4..Stax like beat. The hook and chorus written and 'snagged' by sister SHEILA BROADY who dripped her beautiful soul on it. Another brilliant surprise on EVERYTHING is the great Saxophonist musician GERALD ALBRIGHT just blessing the track with his unbelievable talents. We had crossed paths in the airport in CALI and we kept in touch. The time came for me to reach out and GERALD laid it down simply ....just amazing.

Another unforgettable guest is ZIGGY MARLEY on the GWIZ musically composed DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT . His talent is unique and I would say even passed down from the DNA as we say. We crossed paths on a few occasions most recently on a festival in Switzerland in 2011. We took some photos and talked of working together somehow. He reached out first and I helped put some rhymes on his project, I returned the reach out for this song. I'd be lying if I told you that I had DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT planned for him, because I did not. I like to create from proven titles sometimes and his dad the great BOB MARLEY had GET UP, STAND UP and DONT GIVE UP THE FIGHT ringing in my head to build new compositions with the obvious inspiration. Inspiration; take care of the world because its talking to you. The both are GARY G WIZ tracks and they were originally gonna bookend the open and closing of the STAMPS album. We decided to space these strong songs apart across the 2 albums. This is what I meant by the 2 albums talking to each other. This is a strong chant song that can ride a show out as well. ZIGGYs performance is stunning, and FLAV fits the mold as the master of ceremony that he is known for.

FLAVOR also recorded the song BROKE DIVA, written for him by me as request. The music is by his assistant SAMMY SAM, a talented songwriter and producer who had contributed behind the scenes on the breakthrough pop song for Justin Bieber. SAMMY is another case example of a brilliant young talent who was jerked and twisted into the hype of industry vultures, so this opportunity was full chance to show and prove his name to the world. He was also an artist signed to SONY Records in Korea and had some pop success there as well. BROKE DIVA was inspired unfortunately from those reality train wrecks influencing women all over. The fact of FLAV doing this song wreaks of irony. Shows like Housewives Of Atlanta or any other place for that matter, show living beyond ones means is crippling young women and girls into thinking that money is a god you probably don't have to work for.
BROKE DIVA says that money cant buy sophistication,class or happiness, while highlighting the fact that today both men and women spend too much time designing their outsides while their insides remain hollow. Money cant buy you love either as the Beatles classic implies from almost 50 years ago.

The swag, style and no substance movement was no more apparent on the Watch The Throne album by JAY Z and KANYE. I think the cats are two of the best that ever did it. GIANTS. While I like them as RAP superstars, I detest the grounds they rhyme upon, I don't respect their point of view on things. But thats ok in my opinion because there must be a yang to a yin, a this with a that. RAP should platform all opinions equally in my book. The song NOTICE was a polite answer, because I was struck by how they rapped about what they had and bragged about it. Maybe if they weren't in their 30s and 40s I would reserve my comment, but I hate exploitation or the glorification of it. The use of OTIS REDDINGs' music caught my attention. As an Atlantic Records master recording, I felt that very few if any artists or independent situations could afford such permission. (Thanks to Lyor Cohen probably) It all wreaks of corporate lawyer, accountant, business attache case logic. Puppet art that I discussed on the CATCH THE THROWN song.

While hearing and witnessing the pomp and circumstance of WTT and OTIS I couldn't get the image of thousands of SKID ROW LA homeless blackfolk out of my head. My involvement working with the people and LACAN ( The Los Angeles Community Action Network) organization with my wonderful wife Dr GAYE THERESA JOHNSON and others would not let me think otherwise. Gayes colleague who passed away in 2011 DR CLYDE WOODS was dedicated to this cause asking me what the hell these old rappers talking about? I wrote NOTICE in one night based on his final conversations on the topic.Recorded on my garageband sending the accapella to GARY G WIZ and his beat I recorded on. We originally took a simple OTIS REDDING sample from his cover version of SAM COOKEs song Chaingang and flipped it overnight. So much for my opinion for todays RAP music and rhyming, I don't dislike it I just feel that anybody can make it quick with the bar being so damn low on creativity. Then I put the clips together on my laptop via iMovie shot and clipped it and put it on You Tube the next 24 hours. The cost was only time, just like the damn lawyers say. The statement caught wildfire on YouTube and seemed organic . A rock throw at a castle. A rage against a machine and what represents them. I say I don't have any beefs at artists per se, but i'm on public record and text for completely wanting to derail that whole one side elitist platform that has pied pimped the masses into them asses. Robots in human form. Anytime I hear swag in front of the reality of the world, I protest. NOTICE happens to be more polite as a song than what I actually think. Here a FLIPmash is created from the song by Kansas Citys own HEET MOB, who have worked with me over the years. I do my best to give this team the light they deserve.Headed by the beats of DAHEETEUS and the wordsmith-ing of the incredible JLEE and RAM the world will recognize this camp for really being standard bearers of the artform, craft and genre.

So I'm always gonna SAY IT LIKE IT REALLY IS. Welcome to a song I recorded and done in 2010 that I felt should be available on this album, although it was also featured on the PUBLIC ENEMY Boxset in 2010. We had a great remix contest in 2010 that we may also place on this collection. Recorded and REMIXXED by DJ JOHNNY JUICE Rosado and produced by JANOL MECCA HOLMES on a musically produced JOE CITY beat and track, the song was a celebration of my 50th birthday while its video saluted many of the heroes of PUBLIC ENEMY. The bragging of my 50th earthier was intended to be anti-trending against the mindless dumbing and young-ing down of older grown folks for the sake of appealing to youth culture. Stay your lane is what the song is saying. We shot the video shot by CDOC on the USA side of Niagara Falls during the summer tour of 2010 playing through the great city of Buffalo NY.

RIOTSTARTED! is a re-kick of lyrics from 1987s YO! BUM RUSH THE SHOWs RIGHTSTARTER; MESSAGE TO A BLACK MAN, a song that rings so true today. Recorded on a GWIZ track I reached out to 2 of my musical peers and heroes. HENRY ROLLINS and TOM MORELLO. ROLLINS drops some wisdom on the start of the song while MORELLO blazes it within with his distinct axe work. They are both fearless in their passion and conviction while telling me of the inspiration of our first albums. I felt that revisiting this RIOTSTARTED! song was a great place to go.

Thats a perfect segue into another record done by the PRODUCERS COALITION OF AMERICA ..R.A.S produced a great track I got from FLAV who couldn't get it out of his phone at the time. I told FLAV if he wanted me to write it it was only a first step. A track has to be married into a song, and that song must be produced into a record. Hopefully one that holds and stands up to the test of time and performance. FASSFOOD speaks to the musical and philosophical food theme that anything done too quick you may not be able to,eat, digest, or reheat . Tons of disco hits cannot resurface because many of them were one dimensional beats and topics for a late 1970s' dance floor. Songs from the 50s to the mid 70s are still solid as a rock, they still play because they offer more in my opinion. Same with a rap song.Plenty of rap songs have been deemed one dimensional as well. Especially those in the past 10 years, self indulgent limited topics, money quests, etc,.evaporating when the moment passes by. When its so simple and time locked to a point where anybody can do it it can cancel it self out. FASSFOODs motto is to share, thus the motto the hooked chorus of I eat , you eat goes a long way. Inspired by a Roosevelt Long Island producer songwriter, its a perfect message to say slow down and detail your path. Thus PUBLIC ENEMY songs are created best to stand the test of time. Enjoy.