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British music and pop culture magazine The Quietus recently published a retrospective on three albums that they say ushered in the golden age of hip-hop -- and Public Enemy's "Yo! Bum Rush the Show" is one of them.

This day in hip-hop pays tribute to one among music's finest musicians, Clyde Stubblefield, who passed last Saturday at the age of 73.

The George Washington Carver Museum in Austin, Texas recently hosted a public workshop exploring the cultural and political impact of Public Enemy.

On February 15th, Public Enemy found its place among the multitude of icons etched along The Atlanta Journal-Consitution's celebratory article on the month of Black History.

Spanning three decades in the music industry, fans uphold Public Enemy as without a doubt one of the greatest rap groups of all time.

Acclaimed journalist and writer Jerry Barrow has written an astoundingly in depth "secret history" article on the founding of Public Enemy

Ice Cube, without a doubt, represents among hip-hop's most iconic titles in the industry. From his early days with NWA to his solo ventures, the west coast rapper has rightfully garnered his position among the greatest emcees of all time.

Marking three decades since their explosive debut record, Public Enemy is without a doubt one of the genre's most iconic and foundational entities in both hip-hop music and its culture.

Even after spending a day with Public Enemy, it had never crossed Timothy Anne Burnside's mind that she would return home with the band's signature boombox.

Hip-hop has accomplished a lot over the years, breaking its boundaries and leaving its marks in unlikely places, such as in television programs, funny commercials, as well as quirky spots entrenched in much of today's pop-culture.

The Souls of Black Girls, the award-winning 2008 documentary by filmmaker Daphne Valerius and featuring commentary from Public Enemy's Chuck D, is now seeking colleges to host screenings of the powerful, socially conscious film.

Billboard has published an extensive article exploring the Grammy Awards' tumultuous, up and down relationship with hip hop, including the series of snubs that lead Public Enemy to boycott the famous award show in 1991.