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The political climate in the United States right now is tumultuous to say the least, and Public Enemy's rhyme animal Chuck D has some words of wisdom for anyone who's worried about the next four years of far-right rule.

Photographer Kevin Davies gave much of the world their first look at Public Enemy when he photographed...

Tonight the ABC network will air "Taking the Stage: African American Music and Stories That Changed America," a two hour special to commemorate...

“Public Enemy was one of the first acts on Def Jam, and they were really the first political act in hip-hop.” -Charnas

Keith Shocklee, a founding member of The Bomb Squad and the producer behind some of the biggest hip hop albums of all time, is celebrating his 55th birthday today.

Debuting in 1987 with Yo! Bum Rush The Show, rap supergroup Public Enemy undeniably sparked a revolution that echoed throughout the years in hip-hop history.

It's already been twenty years since Chuck D released his debut solo album, the Autobiography of MistaChuck. Chuck is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the album's debut by releasing a new video for "Free Big Willie," a track off of the

A timeless spectacle for its controversial nature and ear-splintering rhymes, this day in hip-hop throws back to Public Enemy's memorable hit-single, “Welcome To The Terrordome”.

On this day, Touchstone Pictures released Green Card, the memorable romantic comedy film showcasing direction from Peter Weir and starring Andie MacDowell and Gerard Depardieu, whose stellar performance racked him a Golden Globe award for

Founding member of the supersonic rap group, Public Enemy, hip-hop fans and historians will perhaps forever pay tribute to the band's groundbreaking debut, Yo Bum Rush The Show

MC's, DJ's, B-boying, and Graffiti—the blueprints of hip-hop, at least what most pages and wikis tell us, right? Public Enemy frontman Chuck D says we forgot one other element: Muhammad Ali.

Whereas Chuck D embodied the voice of Public Enemy, and Flavor Flav unreleased the group's supercharged energy, Professor Griff had always been known for his unparalleled depth.