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IMS Conference Pairs D and Troxler
April 24th, 2015

Chuck D & Seth Troxler Engage in Discussion at the IMS Conference

Even though Chuck D is not part of the Electronic Dance Music (EDM) culture, like always, he still had something to say. On the 16th of April, he sat down in Hollywood at the IMS Engage Conference with DJ and producer Seth Troxler to talk about the dance scene. The discussion between Chuck and Seth centered on that scene, but during their talk, they also delved into social issues, issues dealing with technology, issues dealing with the music industry itself, while emphasizing the importance of staying true to yourself, by living your art!

Chuck states, “The important thing is not what you sell, but how many people buy into you and where does your philosophy go past yourself. Does it go into enhancing people checking you out? Or does it go into some kind of thing where you are trying to soak whatever they have into yourself?”

Check our the entire discussion here: