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mADurgency - Hip-Hop Art & Design Destination
June 10th, 2015

NEW YORK, NY, June 05, 2015 /24-7PressRelease/ -- Chuck D has created mADurgency, the 1st Digital Artist Squad dedicated to servicing the music industry, especially the hip-hop circuit. mADurgency will provide CD Cover Art, Digital and Print Ads, Merchandising, Websites and much more. It will service individuals and music-related entities including record labels, TV sitcoms, Independent and Major Artists, Radio, and Concert Promoters to service Tour Campaigns. Clients will have an option of very distinctive artistic talents within the mADurgency squad, there will be a wide-array of styles attractive to the modern music head. This group of artists hand-picked by the Public Enemy icon, covers the spectrum of all art from 3d rendering to canvas and mural paintings. mADurgency currently features nine artists from around the globe, with artistic abilities to suit any music artist or company.

Responsible for brands such as Rap Central Station, SPIT Digital and HIP HOP GODS, Chuck D has been essential in creating outlets for major and independent artists worldwide. However, many of Chuck D's fans are unaware of his artistic background and passion for the arts. The Public Enemy Icon obtained his Design Degree at Adelphi University in 1984, in addition to an Honorary degree in 2013. Even before blessing the world with some of the greatest tracks in hip-hop history, Chuck was immersed in the music circuit creating cd cover art, club posters, and other designs for artists. mADurgency was created to bring attention to the direct relationship between music and art.

mADurgency artists specializes in Digital/Print Design, 3D Rendering, Watercolor, Animation, Graphic & Web Design, and Advertising. Current artists have already created iconic designs for some of Hip Hop greatest legends like KRS ONE, Rakim, NAS, and of course PUBLIC ENEMY. Artists include ASKEM (UK), Amy Cinnamon (Miami), Bill Ladson (Philadelphia), Mark Culmer (UK), Andrew Katz (Maryland), Montez Petrose (New Jersey), Paulo Parisi (Italy), Darren Holtom (UK), and Peter Rodrigo (New York).

The relationship between Music and Visual Art has been extremely important for artistic expression and mADurgency plans on increasing the bond. Each artist comes with distinct styles and talents and have a great appreciation for hip-hop. For more information on all mADurgency Artists, including individual portfolios and contact information, log onto madurgency.com.

mADurgency is a talented Artist Squad that services the Music and Entertainment arenas with exceptional artwork including but not limited to Digital Ads, Print, Web Design, and Merchandising. Our artwork is inspired by our love for music, especially hip hop, which is reflected in our individual and collective portfolios. We aim to become an international brand that is recognized by the Music Industry as the "Top Spot" to receive musically-charged artwork. Our artists work collectively, as well as independently, to provide the best digital and print advertising for our clients. mADurgency was created by hip hop legend "Chuck D", to expand on the relationship between visual art and music and to provide a HUB for the Hip hop community to receive quality artwork and advertising. mADurgency's group of artists maintain a wide level of artistic talents including Illustrators, 3D Specialists, Cartoon Specialists, Canvas, Video Editors and much more.