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Chuck D Guest Stars on Latest “Where Are They Now?” Episode
December 1st, 2016

Every week, Oprah's popular “Where Are They Now?” series caters to the curious minds asking such question, regarding some of the most iconic figures in our culture. In an all-new installment, this week's updates include Public Enemy's Chuck D, alongside “Dancing with the Stars” dancer Cheryl Burke, gospel artist Shirley Caesar, as well as Doc Severinsen and Australian guitar player Orianthi.

Heralded on the segment as one of music's most timeless and critically-acclaimed, not to mention a feature rank on Rolling Stone magazine's 100 Greatest Artists of All Time, the show delves into the mind of rap supergroup frontman Chuck D (Carl Ridenhour) in a one-on-one interview, journeying back through time and reflecting on the memorable chapters foreshadowing the group's current notoriety.

Chuck specifically traces back to the socio-political mission that would revolutionize the genre in generations to come, beginning in a time when society needed it. “All of a sudden there was this plethora of guns and drugs coming into the black communities,” he addressed, “We wanted to diffuse that with people's minds and their attention being focused onto the music.”

“And in the music we would actually drop some points of references and good vibes about us as a people instead of what was coming in,” the rap icon continues.

The entire segment airs this Saturday, 10/9c on OWN, but be sure to check out the preview video featuring one minute with Chuck D.

By Jods Arboleda for PublicEnemy.com