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RRHOF 2017: Chuck D Says LL Cool J, Not 2PAC
October 21st, 2016

A wave of enthusiasm swept over Hip-hop fans when legendary rapper Tupac received nomination into the 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, alongside other nominees, such as Pearl Jam, Journey, Bad Brains, Joan Baez, and Janet Jackson.

Against all this, one man stands against the mainstream tide arguing that such nomination should fall unto one particular Queens rapper, LL Cool J—that man would be Public Enemy frontman Chuck D.

Just yesterday evening, Chuck boldly expressed his opinion via Twitter posts, “Got forever love for PAC BUT there AINT a solo rap act that should get in the RRHOF before @llcoolj I Dont care about what naysayers think,” and he was right to predict naysayers as opposition came flooding back, defending Tupac's HOF nomination.

Despite this, Chuck stood firm on his opinion and utilized both fact and experience to back his claims, “When @llcoolj entered the rap game there was NOTHING close to the blizzard he came in the game with.1 dude rearranged records & performance,” added Chuck, later responding to a user challenging his posts, “Nice opinion but I knew them both. There was NOBODY like LL when he emerged, PAC improved as he got seasoned.”

Chuck would also raise an interesting comparison, suggesting Cool J was “like Little Richard or a weird but accurate way Elvis. There was no prior MC that melted all corners,” which likely interprets to the claim of Cool J being the pioneering Hip-hop artist to attain tremendous commercial notoriety.

While Public Enemy received induction into the RRHOF in 2013, LL Cool J has remained a qualified candidate since 2009. Also, the Queens rapper holds two Grammy Awards while accounting another seven nominations. He is the current host to Spike's “Lip Sync Battle” alongside Chrissy Teigen.

By Jods Arboleda for PublicEnemy.com