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FLAV Wows, Bill Adler Reviews PE in BKLN Wingate Park Gig..
August 4th, 2012

Visitors to Planet BK need an invitation. Mine was extended by a certain Sam Adler, who told me at 7:30 on Monday evening that he was going to catch PE at a park in Brooklyn at 9:30 and did I want to go with him and his friends. I said yes.

It was a beautiful show on a beautiful summer's night. I was struck anew by how uptempo so many of PE's songs are. Watching you and the crew knock 'em out, I was deeply impressed by your energy. (And Flavor's...although I've never known him not to speed along at about 90 mph.) It was also great to catch Davy DMX in action, and BK's own Delite of STETSASONIC in a cameo. I would've come backstage after the show, but just watching you guys wore me out.

Bill Adler Famed Author and Longtime Hall Of Fame Def Jam Publicist

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