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Beyond Trayvon Latest ART Statement by Chuck D
August 8th, 2012

It began before the Sanford shooting. Chuck D prepared to release a second art piece following his 2011 debut of "By The Time I Got To Arizona." In late 2011, discussions began, sketches were made, ideas were thrown around and the focus of the art was much simpler, a reinvention of the US postage stamp with a focus on abolishing the n-word. A piece was underway, as Chuck worked with collaborators SceneFour in Los Angeles.

And then the Sanford shooting took place.

Immediately Chuck changed directions. The work followed suit as a new song was born and a new art piece was developed. "Beyond Trayvon" serves to educate and remind views of the sometimes overlooked Florida past. Trayvon Martin's murder and the events that follow are reminiscent and in line with Florida's history of segregation, voter suppression, and of laws that promote division and lead to catastrophe. "Beyond Trayvon" is a reminder of the truth.

Beyond Trayvon by Chuck D is available now http://theartofchuckd.com/ - with only 150 pieces available worldwide.