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'...Everything' song epitomized on Public Enemy cover by artist Dwayne Farrar
October 13th, 2012

Public Enemy's new single off their latest album The Evil Empire Of Everything called ... Everything has been touching the heads , hearts and souls of PEople worldwide in a very unique way. This rare quality has been exemplified by the commissioning of artist Dwayne Farrar to do the single cover art.

Introduced to Chuck D by his father in law Dr Hymon Johnson, Dwayne has been courageously battling the effects PF muscular dystrophy, and has a very limited use of his body including his feet and hands. Dwayne is an accomplished graphic artist using the computer in s very exceptional way. It was an idea meant to happen. The songs essence is about how the real things in life are overshadowed by far less important 'things'.

Artwork graphic symbols were crafted during the entire month of September 2012. The back of the 7 inch cover quote was delivered by Chucks wife Dr Gaye Theresa Johnson;

"This song is made so much richer by the contributions of DWAYNE FARRAR.

The essence of this song requires experience with adversity and appreciation of the gifts of everyday life. DWAYNE meets the challenges of Muscular Dystrophy with strength and poise, and even with the limited physical resources such as the use of his hands ( which so many of us take for granted), he still managed to give us his creative "Everything."

As the song spreads around the planet expect this wonderful, remarkable story of Dwayne Farrar to move the musical and especially HIPHOP and rap world...