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Public Enemy's DJ Lord Tours Australia
March 20th, 2013

Public Enemy's DJ Lord Tours Australia

Public Enemy's own turntablist DJ Lord is locked in for a tour of Australia this month, touching down in Hobart, Perth, Melbourne and a couple of dates in Sydney, one of the latter a free show at the Newtown Hotel.

Lord Aswod, known internationally as DJ Lord, has been acknowledged for years in the competition circuit as one of the best turntablists in the world and is regarded amongst hip-hop royalty like Grand Master Flash, Jam Master Jay, Mix Master Ice and Jazzy Jeff. While DJ battles and hip-hop have been at the foundation of his career, Lord is also widely recognized in the drum and bass scene, captivating audiences with his mesmerizing fusions of broken beats.

DJ Lord 2013 Australian tour dates:

15.03.13 – Republic Bar, Hobart

16.03.13 – Newtown Hotel, Sydney

17.03.13 – Sets On The Beach, Perth

22.03.13 – Red Bennies, Melbourne

23.03.13 – Red bennies, Melbourne

27.03.13 – Beach Road Hotel Bondi, Sydney