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Visual Interpretations of The Enemy
February 2nd, 2014

When a group comes along that has the social, political, and musical impact that Public Enemy has had, it is inevitable that artists, writers, and creative-types will pay tribute. Music and imagery have the ability to simultaneously evolve, connect us, and evoke thick memories of places and chapters in our lives. The Golden Era of Hip-Hop certainly brings us back to a time when music mirrored and challenged inequitable sociopolitical and economic balances in our world.

Amazingly, visual artists continue to pay homage to their favorite emcees and musical leaders. Their artwork is permanent visual evidence of their loyalty to their favorite Hip-Hop pioneers.

In an effort to showcase these working artists, we have commenced collecting a variety of images to share here on PublicEnemy.com. This menagerie of tribute-art is continually growing, and we’ll continue to scour the digital and physical world in order to add fresh content. Be on the lookout for unique and diverse interpretations of Public Enemy.