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June 5th, 2010

Over the last 8 months instead of the TERRORDOME that I'd been writing
since 1998 I had instead been wring intro and outre copy for my radio
show AndYouDontStop! on the Pacifica Network via New York Citys fabled
WBAI. Instead I am uploading my copy as a Terrordome replacement until
November 2010. These reads are largely opinion ate in a similar vein.
Thus these reads will fill the void until I store up a direction to
take in what in essence is now called a blog. There are many blogs
written today by anybody and everybody. Enjoy if you can...


Is there room for a new generation of rappers? if so, what happens to
the rappers that came before?
im a sports fan. 

Its hard to ignore the hanging banners in arenas , the records that
are meant to be broken and the throwback jerseys. the past is always a
fueled reminder to sell whatever games present and  its future.  rap
music is a 30 year art-form recording wise now.Its longevity as a
genre defies a pop label, while still being popular. 

A new generation of rappers would be welcomed better, and ageism would
become a non-issue if it's audience and industry had better reference
points and infrastructure. while i say art is subjective and always
judged from the ears and eyes of the beholder, good becomes great when
it's taught. and the older cats can teach the new on the skills of the
craft, to take on new popular heights.  

As of this reading i've launched a supersite internetwork named
WWW.HIPHOPGODS.COM. its where 'classic rap lives on' . as said last
year following this will be a partnership with mclyte building
so the answer in this is that niche areas will determine the
infrastructure of the rap world present, future and past. just like

HOW LONG IS A GENERATION? ( Written before the election)

With slimmer connection between human beings in their communications,
it's my opinion remains that it's beneficial for the powers that be to
separate and categorize people by this so called term of demographic
and constituency.  My belief remains that culture brings the human
race together for our similarities and knocks the differences aside.
Governments are opposed to this.Governments use of technology further
distances the people from each other. The fact that now it appears
that there's a generation gap between 25 year olds and 30 year olds is
troubling. i see people of color being programmed by these powers into
volunteered slavery , and it's also sweeping in those on the outside in. 

PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA is appealing to the nation 50 and under clearly
, and HILLARY CLINTON can't seem to do that as well. the term 'hating'
is within a context . ( The next campaign trade positioning of VP
BIDEN makes this pairing interesting again for 2012)

( I said back then) What happens if MCCAIN CHOOSES CONDOLEEZA RICE AS
VP? You know she's a made woman. she will have to comply, and it
really ain't up to her the REPUBLICANS ARE THE BILL BELICHICKS of
politics, they got for the last minute no huddle strategy. and
contrary to how i've been misinterpreted, this won't be to split the
so called black vote but to fragment the shaky, unsure vote of the
white amerikkkan status quo. Racial excuses will not be in order then,
although you cannot remove the word 'race' from the presidential race.
Regardless what these smaller separated generations feel is a change
of this pick one or the other, voting choice selection process is
played out and needs updating.

Chuck D
[email protected]
www.HIPHOPGODS.COM / 'Where CLASSIC Rap Lives On!' 

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