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11-11-11 and 1 Love To HEV
November 11th, 2011

> I've said this before: now like STET I'm in FULL GEAR to Bring The
Noise more frequently, gracing the pages of the same place these words
started, at www.publicenemy.com. I had to get a full year in,
adjusting to aligning various social media with my own homegrown
websites, which have been retooled to move into this second decade. I
had to choose a public social network to deliver me back into my own
zones. Twitter happens to be the choice because I dig getting a point
across in 140 characters in a time when "the masses" are reduced to
"them asses" by the whippings of mass distraction.

> I promise to be more frequent - but less wordy - with these
Terrordomes. And sometimes Twitter will be enough. I am an artist for
life, and although Facebook keeps me in touch with hometown folk and
the like, I choose social media for my arts and have little use for
FB. So as far as I know, I'm not on it, other than my re-tweets. Our
inter-network consists of a complex but effective system that both
represents and is in service to Hip Hop music; because of this, I have
little time to socialize on media so in many ways being on the web is
about doing my job. www.hiphopgods.com, www.SHEmovement.com, and
www.RAPstation.com are where I'm at these days, and my commentaries
henceforth may reflect this activity.

> On twitter, it's always someone brand new discovering that I'm
online. I respond to their incredulity by saying how I've always
seemed to be here, waiting in cyberspace for the crowd. People suggest
that I do a blog. I tell them I kept one for 10 years with monthly
Terrordomes. But as said I had to figure my space and time on it in
2011, and now I have. Last year at this time I wrote from CAPETOWN
South Africa and my commentary on USA hip hop jarred some of my
readers. I write what I feel and even had to textbox a losing fight
with some message board trolls who have nothing else better to do but
textspit sht from under the cobwebs of the boards they dwell under.

> This November 11th 2011 is the opportune time to redeliver what cats
have been waiting for me to deliver in a blog. I've done plenty of
watching and listening and 140 characters is no longer enough for me
to Bring The Noise.
> My twitter feeds into these Tdomes, and I promise to not make them
too long. This one will be longer than usual because it's a
reintroduction of my piece of mind.

> HEAVY Ds passing strikes home, a lesson once again, sadly, in how
the world works when it comes to time. We cannot master TIME, and we
seek constant help to figure how to manage it. Witnessing the passing
of people we know, dig, love, and respect is a tribute in itself to
the time granted to US. Still...there's pain. HEAVY D was always the
dude who put the smile on rap, not unlike DOUG E. FRESH: always
stretching out the boundaries on the rap game and putting a touch of
hip hop class to it. We are connected together by peer group, craft,
and even tragedy. Immediately I thought back to when we toured
together in 1990 and his longtime friend TROY aka TROUBLE T ROY lost
his life in a fall off an outside balcony wall at Market Square Arena
in Indianapolis. I saw HEV and his Boyz turn to men overnight in the
most difficult manner. In the 21 years since then, I've watched HEV on
TV and movies more so than in person, but whenever we did reunite he
always was the epitome of a gentleman.

> I'm gonna end this Terrordome for now and reconnect next week with
thoughts about my class action lawsuit on digital payouts, my opinion
of Watch The Throne, Justin T-lakes IN TIME and DiCaprios J. EDGAR
flicks, my visit to the Syracuse and UPENN campuses, and thoughts
about my performances in Indonesia, Austin, Asbury Park etc.

> PEace and resPEct

> ChuckD

> [email protected]

> www.publicenemy.com

> www.hiphopgods.com

> www.RAPstation.com

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