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New York, New York The City Of Music
January 31st, 2012

Having being born in New York in 1960 inside the borough of Queens, I
have witnessed the music of New York being a force across the world.
Its a melting pot of many racial backgrounds of people. Its been this
way for a few hundred years. People travel mass transit by the
millions every day to work, leisure and their homes. Before the
headphone culture of the SONY Walkman and later CD players and IPODS,
New Yorkers had a habit of sharing their music on radios, tape
recorders and before that transistor radios. This musical diversity
exploded since the 1930s on some of the first radio stations to play

The 1930s-40s band eras spread the music on radio by records and NY
was always known for its tremendous club scene in musics like Jazz in
Harlem, SouthAmerican Carribbean music downtown, European music etc in
midtown generally speaking. When Rock and Roll and independent record
companies boomed in New York in the 1950s , what also emerged was a
style set forward by the DJ. Thats probably the main reason for the
great influence of New York Music Culture. The birth of the DJ. The
great DJs in New York , especially on the radio from the 50s to the
80s were in my opinion the main reason for this artistic power.

The music of New York in terms of influence in global culture is
staggering.,I believe the music movements hip hop, punk rock, jazz,
folk, etc have all been helped by the media capital of the planet
,WABC 77 AM radio played us the world but gave a great picture the
highlights of local music. The doo wop and Harlem groups, the Rascals,
The Brill Building artists and writers, the disco years where CHICs
Nile Rodgers and Bernard Edwards was the soundtrack of my youth.The
punk of the Ramones, the thrash metal of Anthrax,and of course RAP
music and hip hop which simply regarded as my everything of the Reagan
and Bush1 80s on forward.

I was fortunate to been raised in an area where music spoke louder
than politicians.The most detailed thorough subway system on earth
helped us all share the sounds and follow them. My personal
experiences of being a culturalist in New York has given me a road map
on making my music as Public Enemy. We never made the same record
twice and you can hear the past 50 years of the worlds music in our
sound. But in closing most importantly you can always still hear the
streets, people , and talk of New York embedded in our overall thing.

PEace and resPEct

Chuck D
co-founder of PUBLIC ENEMY
Eligible for the Rock Hall Of Fame in 2012

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