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"[Public Enemy] remain[s] true to the sounds and sensibilities they laid out back in the late '80s." - AllMusic

A Public Enemy since '99 and a renowned solo artist in his own right, DJ Lord's...

"I can dig the fact that he cares less if you can maintain balance as he chops into the listener's head..."

Public Enemy's Chuck D performing at the world renowned Glastonbury Festival in 2013.

Public Enemy's tenth studio album "How You Sell Soul to a Soulless People Who Sold Their Soul???" turns ten later this year.

Poster promoting Public Enemy's headlining performance at the Reading Festival in England.

1990 MTV Video Music Awards

Released in 1992, Trespass Soundtrack projected a solid entry working along its crime-thriller film counterpart.

The image unites three among hip-hop's heroes of the Golden Age: Chuck D of Public Enemy, Melle Mel, and Ice-T.

Chuck D in the video for "Can't Truss It," off of the album "Apocalypse '91... The Empire Strikes Black."

When news of Educated Rapper's passing were confirmed last June 3rd, a myriad of hip-hop artists took to social media and expressed their condolences.

Public Enemy's Chuck D alongside legendary The Neptunes producer, N*E*R*D* frontman, and multi-platinum solo artist Pharrell Williams.